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Early years…………predominantly bikes

I have been involved with Motorsport since the 1970’s when I first raced a Greeves Silverstone RAS. Towed on a home made trailer behind an Escort (borrowed from Dad) competing at Croft, Carnaby, Elvington and Cadwell, biggest memories are the relief when the Greeves actually started. I won’t be remembered for any fantastic results, but may just be remembered by some for the occasion an over enthusiastic bump start took myself and bike over on our side in the middle of the grid at Croft causing mayhem! I also have a picture somewhere of the paddock with my Greeves on trailer alongside an early Transit van (very upmarket!) belonging to a certain Mick Grant, from which he unloaded and raced his Velocette.

The Greeves went to make way for a home built 650 Tribsa, followed by a Norton Commando and in succession over the years 250 single Suzuki (Jim Lee framed), LC350’s and finally TZ350E and TZ350G in the Forgotten Era class of the late 1990’s. The common factor being always trying to compete on something out of date, generally out of financial necessity. The Silverstone and Tribsa were raced before the emergence of the “Classic” classes, the Commando was my stripped down road bike, the LC350’s were used long after that class had lost its popularity and dwindled – when they were not only frowned on but actually excluded from Forgotten Era events. The TZ’s  gave good competitive racing in the Forgotten Era classes (and still do now being eligible for CRMC events – no longer in my possession unfortunately) However they moved on about 2002 or 03 as interest in 4 wheels began to dominate.

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